Sunday, February 20, 2011

*looks sheepish*

Okay, I officially suck as a blogger.

That being said, I'm not quite ready to give up on it just yet. (*listens for applause and encouragement*) Is anybody left out there, by the way?

Anyways, my main excuse is that life became difficult, kind of killing my desire to write about it for the world to see, and then it got busy when I went into final year. Pity, because many interesting and amusing things have happened, and in typical 'me' style I can't remember a thing. Major downside to living in the moment. Now that things are all sunshine and roses again (literally, actually :P) here I am again...whether I will stay here remains to be seen, due to a regrettably short attention span, but I shall do my best...maybe it can be my one single solitary New Year's Resolution.

Considering the fact that the main purpose I had turned this blog to was keeping my friends and family informed of my exploits when I wandered over to the UK to study design thingies, I've said remarkably little about said exploits. This is partly because there have been none...or shall we say very few. For some reason, I am boring and antisocial in the UK. This might be partly attributed to the weather, which often dictates that you must stay indoors, and partly to having to get around by public transport in an unfamiliar city, which means it doesn't happen unless I have somewhere very specific to go. Also the fact that there seem to be very few 'kindred spirits' around, to quote Anne of Green Gables... :-/

Anyways, as far as design thingies go, after dabbling in many things I've finally found the niche I want to fit myself into, which = publishing, or editorial design as we say. Typography for publishing gives me joy. This actually fits in quite nicely with my previous education, which is a BA in English (Literature and associated subjects). And considering that I'm also a writer and an editor, it's awesome to be learning about the design aspect of the field. It's easy for me to find things I like, but hard for me to find things I absolutely love and have no doubt about, so I'm really really relieved I managed to find where I fit in right before final year began :D

Oh, this might also be a good time to make a little announcement. As of the end of June/beginning of July, I move back to Madras (for at least six months). Considering the fact that I don't work at Primark anymore (long story unworthy of being blogged about) I would just be hanging about in the UK trying to find some other similar job, since I wouldn't be able to get a design job till December when I would get (or not get) my work visa. I would also in the process miss 3 very important weddings AND Christmas for the fourth time in a row. No. I refuse. It shall not be so. I shall go home, and be productive, and spend time with family and friends, and make a portfolio, and then if God decrees it so, I shall meander across whichever ocean it may be to whatever country he takes me to, and make there for myself a nest, and spend the rest of my life happily weaving books (and possibly hatching eggs :-/)

Speaking of hatching eggs (aka sitting around joblessly) that is the one thing I am trying to avoid this year. Whatever my natural instincts may be, I am loading myself up with little projects and doing my best to be productive. The way I see it, final year is my last chance to make design thingies while guided by my awesome tutor, and time is, as they say, of the essence right now. So no more sitting around in bed watching TV shows until July (except yesterday, yesterday doesn't count) for this Cheeta.

So yes, the above stuff pretty much paraphrases what I am up to right now. Future posts shall be more specific. Provided they occur, which they will. *ahem*

Kthxbai :D