Monday, April 17, 2006

I love the smell of rain.

It's been hot, humid, close and muggy for a few days, and now suddenly the wind's blowing like crazy, the sky's grey, and the trees are dancing all over the place. I love this. It's like a brief reward after doing something hard.

I love rain. I love cloudy, grey weather. It makes me come alive like sunshine never does.


I stand alone in the storm
Suddenly sweet words take hold
Hurry, they say, for you haven't much time
Open your eyes to the love around you
You may feel you're alone
But I'm here still with you
You can do what you dream
Just remember to listen to the rain...


...yep, definitely a 'rain' person. Soft, gentle rain, loud thunder and lightning, crazy wind or a damp, cool just does something for me. Though if I get wet, I'd rather a torrential downpour...I want to be entirely wet or entirely dry, not something in between :D Though microscopic misty drops that blow all over the place are fun too.

Okay, I'm going on a bit. *ends*

I have time on my hands.

I remember last summer, when I nearly went crazy. When you move to the edge of the city and can't pop out at a moment's notice, when you don't have the sort of friends you can hang out with on anything like a regular basis and when your family doesn't whizz you off somewhere for the summer holidays, I guess that qualifies as the expected outcome.

When I was a kid, I used to lock myself in my room so the other kids couldn't drag me out to play. And I have been dragged. Forcibly. I could read for a day at a stretch, and I could think for longer. I simply didn't need anyone else when I was at home. Just how healthy that attitude is for a kid who has to attend school, I can tell you. Not at all. Was I normal, socially? Well, take a wild guess.

Now, double the years have passed and since I got busier, I've found that I can't read for too long without having to get up and do something in between. I can't think for too long, because I drive myself crazy. Though I have less control over that than one would imagine...sometimes I just don't think about something at all and whizz merrily along, and then when the occasion to speak about said thing arises, I find I have a whole lot of thoughts and opinions waiting to spill over. Subconscious thought - good or bad?

In some cases, rather terrible. A lot of my situations arise from thinking too much.

This blog wasn't created to angst, really, so I'm keeping this down to mere observation.

This summer, fortunately, things are different. I'm popping off to Kodaikanal with my family for about 10-12 days - and I love that place like nobody's business. Then we zip off to this Youth Camp organised by Navodaya, and this rocks because there'll be around 500 people there who qualify as 'Youth' and I desperately want to meet and get to know more people. If I'd known I would some years back, I'd have been absolutely amazed, but there it is. People change. Thank goodness.

I have about a week before I leave and a week after I come back to blow before - joy!! Third year begins. That's about the right amount of time to read, potter about, try and get back into my abstract art, generally waste space, get on with Youth stuff and hang out with the two friends I do hang out with outside college, who are both from church.

So, as I said, this summer things are different. :-)

Also, study holidays = holidays with something to occupy you (ie - exams) in between. So now, I can potter about for a couple of days at a time, relearning the joys Wodehouse has to offer and finding that I can, when the occasion merits it, still read for hours at a stretch.

I did say that I ramble.

Egad! I did it.

I'm one of those loonies who creates a blog everywhere and then neglects most of them, but I did think I'd leave Blogger unscathed.

Oh, well, bad things happen to everybody.

Now if only this thing would acknowledge my blog as existing, I could at least look at my handiwork and assess the damage.

One great thing about this place is that I can babble anonymously. For a period of time, at least. Before I start slinging out this URL like candy. And yes, that ridiculous metaphor is rather apt, as I'm one of those people who actually does chuck candy around the class on a regular basis.

Weird? Who, me?