Monday, April 17, 2006

Egad! I did it.

I'm one of those loonies who creates a blog everywhere and then neglects most of them, but I did think I'd leave Blogger unscathed.

Oh, well, bad things happen to everybody.

Now if only this thing would acknowledge my blog as existing, I could at least look at my handiwork and assess the damage.

One great thing about this place is that I can babble anonymously. For a period of time, at least. Before I start slinging out this URL like candy. And yes, that ridiculous metaphor is rather apt, as I'm one of those people who actually does chuck candy around the class on a regular basis.

Weird? Who, me?


BitterSweetSymphony said...

do I know you? I would hazard a guess because you sound frighteningly familiar..but I'll wait till you tell me =)

Scribbles. said...

Lol. Maybe you do. ;-)

BitterSweetSymphony said...

your the ONLY person I know..minus Mr.Lodge in archie comics,who uses..EGAD. lol

It had to be you.

Scribbles. said...'re right. Oh, no, there I go again. I read too many PG Wodehouse books. Lol.

This blog contains none of my usually used names though.