Monday, April 17, 2006

I love the smell of rain.

It's been hot, humid, close and muggy for a few days, and now suddenly the wind's blowing like crazy, the sky's grey, and the trees are dancing all over the place. I love this. It's like a brief reward after doing something hard.

I love rain. I love cloudy, grey weather. It makes me come alive like sunshine never does.


I stand alone in the storm
Suddenly sweet words take hold
Hurry, they say, for you haven't much time
Open your eyes to the love around you
You may feel you're alone
But I'm here still with you
You can do what you dream
Just remember to listen to the rain...


...yep, definitely a 'rain' person. Soft, gentle rain, loud thunder and lightning, crazy wind or a damp, cool just does something for me. Though if I get wet, I'd rather a torrential downpour...I want to be entirely wet or entirely dry, not something in between :D Though microscopic misty drops that blow all over the place are fun too.

Okay, I'm going on a bit. *ends*

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