Saturday, August 30, 2008


So, now that I'm going off abroad and all, I decided to blog - which is the easier option. The other option is sending out at least 5-6 emails a day all containing the same news. Yawn. I don't think so. If you recieve emails from me, you are:

a) A privileged person receiving information other people are not.
b) I don't want to give you my blog URL. Which means you will not be reading this. Okbye.

Yes. So I remembered I had a perfectly good blog with a URL I rather fancied (candied charcoal. Awww). So rather than having to sit and think up another name I fancy just as much (which would take a long time, and by then, knowing me, I'd have lost interest) I just logged on, deleted all my 2 year old, teenage-angst-ridden posts - this used to be my private sekrit anonymous blog - and decided to commence renovations.

Since I am going off to a brand-new (to me) country and all, I'm sure I will have many many interesting and instructive things to blog about (well, i&i to me. The rest of you will just have to trawl through my posts to find out things you want to know).

I'm off to pack. Later :-)

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