Monday, March 08, 2010


So (why do I start the majority of my posts with 'so'?), having promised the universe in general, like it cares, and my mother, who does care, that I would update my blog in a somewhat regular manner, I have failed to deliver. This displeases me. :-(

As this is around the time of year I normally make my New Year's resolutions, and since my Professional Practice course advises networking and blogging falls under that category, and because I want my mommy to be happy, I will be updating this blog more regularly. I wonder if there are any readers left?! If so... *waves* Hi. I've been spending my time lately alternating between university, working at Primark, and watching movies and tv shows off the internets. Nothing of particular moment has been happening in my life (how depressing) except that I turned 23 on the 24th of February. There was a surprise lunch for me with all my friends, and a surprise visit from two old and dear friends of mine, and many happy cakes, so all in all it was a lovely and surprising day :) I am however another year older and not (that I can see) particularly wiser, which distresses me somewhat. (If you see any traces of wisdom emerging do let me know).

That is all for now.


Mom said...

Finally! Pest, you didn't even let me know you updated your blog. So, having emerged, kindly now proceed!

Anonymous said...

Thought you would be actually updating your blog everyday however the scenario doesn't portray the real image!

Cheeta, heard you are too much into blogging and guess can see how regular you are..!

Anyways, take care girl!


Cheeta said...

Hehehe yes I love blogging and I regularly read a series of other people's blogs, but if I'm busy or stressed out I get writer's block! :)