Thursday, June 03, 2010


In my last post, I spoke about emerging, and then disappeared quietly into the undergrowth once again. Having lurked therein for another two months or so, I have once again emerged to update my affectionate (and probably dwindling) readership on why I did so.

You see, I had a submission. The final submission of my second year. And then I was required to give a lot of thought to what I plan to do next year, and as most of you probably know, thinking too far ahead, for me, is an exercise in confusion. All I know for sure about the future is where I will be married (because, like most girls from St. Andrew's Kirk, I refuse to get married anywhere else) and that I will not live in a joint family (because, if I'm going to live with anyone's parents, I'd choose to live with my own rather than abandoning them and going off to someone else's). Also, I know that I will have more than two children, because my mother demands it, and I know that they will be thoroughly spoilt by their grandmother and look upon their mother as some sort of gremlin (because the probability scale is heavily tilted in that direction).

Sorry, what was I saying?

Oh well.

In other news, the weather in the United Kingdom continues to surprise and entertain us. In India, one would talk about the weather when there is literally nothing else to talk about and conversation needs to be made. And the conversation would go like this: "God, it's hot today." ... "Hmmm." ... *silence takes over again*. Whereas in the UK, the weather becomes a seperate entity entirely, or an 'anthropomorphic personification' as Terry Pratchett would say. In other places, people blame things on God and the Devil. In the UK, you can blame things on God, the Devil, or the Weather. And I'm sure people address the Weather far more often than they do the other two. "Please, please oh please don't rain today" ... "Thank you Sun for shining!" ... "Weather, please be good on the 5th of May because I'm planning an outdoor party two months in advance" (yes, people actually do that, in a country where it rains all the time...hope does indeed spring eternal in the human breast, doesn't it?!)

Anyway, the Weather has been unexpectedly benevolent lately, although it still can't resist teasing us with a week of cold rain after a week of gorgeous hot sunshine. We at 42 (my house number, in case I haven't mentioned it) have invested in a barbecue, and spent two lovely days in the backyard with it. At this point it occurs to me that I haven't talked about my housemates on here at all. This is surprising, because they are the most hilarious bunch of people you could ever wish for. I don't like mentioning people by name on here, so I shall call them...hmm...Dodo, Diki, Aanya and Ajit. I'm Cheeta. As you all know already. Although over here, it has become 'Chennai Cheeta'. Or 'Crazy Chennai Cheeta'. Or recently, 'CC'. Which has now evolved into a verb and taken on a life of its own thanks to Diki, who did I mention has two stylish horns and a long tail with a fork on the end of it? (Useful while barbecuing). We also have two regular visitors, one of which is Grumpy (not a dwarf) from the next house, 55, and Chittu Kuruvi, a tiny little thing whose volume settings are disproportionate to her size.

I suppose you've by now gathered that life is so entertaining that I forget to blog :D Also, there's so much to say that I end up saying nothing at all!

Anyway. Our first barbecue involved a LOT of food (which was consumed at an alarming rate), a punching bag (and a lot of hilarious boxing videos), a lot of impromptu visitors, a random tea party, a game of cricket, and Dodo, Chittu and Grumpy trying to fly away on a broomstick (and the neighbour's rake, which was stolen through the hedge). The second barbecue was in honour of Anu, Aanya's adorable cousin, and involved a LOT of food, some music which Aanya called 'rap with a c', an impromptu visit from our tutor and his son (who had called to invite us to their barbecue while ours was going on), and a bhangra session which took place on one side of the backyard while a serious discussion on design took place on the other. Typical 42 style.

Anyway, that's probably enough updating for now. Off I go for my morning cup of tea.


karuna said...

Oooh You're back. Planning to stay?

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sophia said...

HOW can you write a whole more than a paragraph about your life like that? i tried a couple of times, very sincerely, and found i could only write a sentence: so, i've decided to write today...